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Pat Broaders

Pat Broaders grew up in Dublin, the son of parents from Wexford. He began his journey in traditional music at the age of eight, and attended the School of Music in Chatham Street in Dublin. He started out on the whistle, and later moved on to the uilleann pipes under the tutelage of Leon Rowsome. […]


With the release of the new album Rove, Nova Scotia’s powerhouse Còig has cemented its status as one of today’s most exciting new North American Celtic groups. With a combined total of over 30 group and solo awards and nominations, the four members of the band are already recognized as major stars of the Celtic world. Rove is […]

Kevin Carr

…singer and storyteller, player of fiddle, bagpipes, accordion, banjo. and more. “I tell stories and play traditional folk instruments.” From the Fillmore West to the Oregon Country Fair, from the former Soviet Union to Spain, from Alaska to Mexico, I’ve traveled to play with and learn from traditional musicians, to gather stories to share and […]

Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter

Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter are a multi-instrumentalist duo with Celtic Harps, Swedish Nyckelharpa, Ukrainian Bandura, Bouzouki, Cittern and more. They hail from Oregon and tour extensively, both having successful recording and performing careers built from years of street performing and a background as rock musicians. They have performed with some of the biggest names […]

Warbelow Range with Caitlin Warbelow

Hailing from a family of bush pilots in Fairbanks, Alaska, Caitlin Warbelow is a fiddler/violinist and entrepreneur currently residing in Brooklyn. Caitlin began her studies at age three in the Boston Suzuki program, and went on to win honors from the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts and the National Suzuki Conference, as […]

Open the Door for Three

Open the Door for Three is fiddle player Liz Knowles, uilleann piper Kieran O’Hare, and Dublin-born singer and bouzouki player Pat Broaders. Their music is a rare combination of unearthed tunes from centuries-old collections, newly composed melodies, fresh arrangements of songs old and new, homages to the musicians and bands they grew up listening to, and the unmatched […]

The Founding

The Founding is a Progressive Celtic band from Kalamazoo, Michigan. With their timeless, energetic, and powerful approach to songwriting, they strive to constantly push the boundaries of the Irish and Scottish music traditions. Since their origin in 2015, The Founding has received several awards, positive critical reception, and established a sound that promises to place […]

Seamus Egan

In 2017, Seamus Egan, founding member of the seminal band Solas, will be touring for the first time ever, as The Seamus Egan Project, bringing along friends and musical guests, and introducing fans to both the entirety of his immense and influential catalog of music, as well as new music he’s never recorded or performed […]

Luxurious Lass

In 2005, I was living in Bicester, England. I had always had a deep love for all things Celtic, and was always disappointed that wherever I went I only ever found the same rings and earrings already offered everywhere else. I wanted something fresh and new for myself, so I started making my own Jewelry. […]

Carbony Celtic Winds

Carbony Celtic Winds is a carbon fiber wind instrument fabrication company located in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. We offer musicians innovative Celtic wind instruments that blend the advantages of modern carbon fiber technology with the time tested designs of traditional craftsmen. CCW is committed to the development of quality Celtic carbon fiber instruments including chanters, pipes, […]

Gaean Illusions

Gaean Allusions Pottery is a family studio. Started in 1990 by potter Godfrey, and designer and decorator Karen Betts. Freya, our daughter, who throws and decorates her own ware, joined us in 2014. We create fine, functional stoneware ; mugs, goblets, plates, bowls, etc., decorated with Celtic, Fantasy, Nature, and NW Native designs.

Bridie’s Irish Faire

About our store in Newport… Discover the enchanting realm of Bridie’s Irish Faire, nestled in Newport’s Nye Beach neighborhood. The lovely little “Irish” shop exudes old world charm – including a “faux” thatched cottage surrounded by a treasure trove of Irish jewelry, apparel, and gifts. Talk of travel is a perpetual subject at Bridie’s, where […]

Céilí Dance

An Irish social dance gathering is called a Céilí Dance. Céilí Dances can have either Set dances and/or Céilí Dances at them.  Similar to a contra dance, a Céilí Dance has live music and a caller and each dance is walked through before it is danced to live music. CÉILÍ DANCE LESSON  (taught prior to the Sunday Céilí […]

Irish Set Dancing

Set Dance Explore the most popular form of traditional social dancing in Ireland today.  We will learn the basics of Irish Set Dancing.  Sets are dance in square formation with intricate and rhythmic footwork. Learn to dance to reels, jigs, slides, polkas and hornpipes. Sean-Nos Dance Sean-nós dance is very different from the Irish step dance […]

Old-Style Irish Step Dance

Ireland has a rich tradition of step dances whose lineage can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries.  Traveling dance masters codified and taught step dances that are characterized by percussive, precise footwork and relaxed upper body. We will learn one of the old-style step dances passed down from the era of the […]

Bob Soper and Elizabeth Nicholson

Irish harp, North Indian sarod, Greek bouzouki, Middle Eastern and African percussion, Irish and Appalachian fiddle, folk guitar and harmony vocals-no one has ever been able to reach a final tally on just how many instruments Elizabeth Nicholson and Bob Soper play’ or how many cultures influence their music. Duo partners for seven years, they […]

Lindsay Straw

Ballads have been a source of inspiration for Lindsay Straw since her childhood in Montana, but she truly grew into the art while studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There she began to tie together the threads of the traditions she was most passionate about: English, Scottish, Irish and American songcraft. She […]

Bronnie Griffin Band

The Bronnie Griffin Band transcends genres with their bright and lively sound, from Irish traditional to Americana, they bring an infectious joy to every concert. All well steeped in the Irish tradition, they spread their wings over the Celtic nations and delve deeply into American roots. From Michael Coleman to Bill Monroe, Cajun, Celtic, or […]

Na Rósaí

Na Rósaí performs traditional Irish, Appalachian, Scottish, and Breton tunes and songs featuring fiddle, flute, uilleann pipes, bouzouki, and whistles. Their focus has been exploring the links between the musical traditions of the Celtic regions and North America by arranging tunes from the two regions with a traditional sensibility. Na Rósaí is Irish Gaelic for “The Roses” in […]

Kevin Carr

For over thirty years dynamic fiddler-piper-storyteller Kevin Carr has honed his craft in smoky Irish pubs, remote cabins in Quebec, and in dance halls across America. He’s played banjo in Latvia, learned to play the bagpipes of a dozen countries and dug deep to find just the right stories to share. His one-man musical theater […]

Hammer and Whistles

Hammer and Whistles are Margot and Rich Fetrow. Hammer and Whistles perform an eclectic selection of Celtic music on Hammered Dulcimer and Pennywhistle. Margot and Rich cast a blissful joy anywhere they perform.