Old-Style Irish Step Dance

Ireland has a rich tradition of step dances whose lineage can be traced back to the 18th and 19th centuries.  Traveling dance masters codified and taught step dances that are characterized by percussive, precise footwork and relaxed upper body.

We will learn one of the old-style step dances passed down from the era of the great dance masters.  Please bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothing and smooth-soled shoes that allow your feet to glide over the floor.  Recording devices are encouraged as there will be an opportunity to video the dance at the end.

Kelsey Wilson

Kelsey grew up Northern California and has been dancing all her life. Her love for movement started with dancing to her father’s records and ballet lessons encouraged by her mother. She has studied various dance styles throughout the years, such as ballet, tap, flat footing, modern, jazz, and aerial arts. Kelsey started Irish step dance at the age of 12, going on to compete in regional, national and world competitions. Her passion for Sean-nós dance began while completing her B.A. in Theatre Arts at CSU Chico. Kelsey has studied with many top performers, including Nic Gareiss, Kieran Jordan, Kevin Doyle, Siobhán Butler, Alicia Guinn and Ben Power. Kelsey currently performs with the Stomptowners in Portland, OR. 

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