2017 Vendors


Bridie’s Irish Faire

About our store in Newport…
Discover the enchanting realm of Bridie’s Irish Faire, nestled in Newport’s Nye Beach neighborhood. The lovely little “Irish” shop exudes old world charm – including a “faux” thatched cottage surrounded by a treasure trove of Irish jewelry, apparel, and gifts. Talk of travel is a perpetual subject at Bridie’s, where you can make your travel dreams come true by reserving a seat on one of Bridie’s luxury coach tours to Ireland, Scotland and beyond.

Gaean Illusions

Gaean Allusions Pottery is a family studio. Started in 1990 by potter Godfrey, and designer and decorator Karen Betts.
Freya, our daughter, who throws and decorates her own ware, joined us in 2014.

We create fine, functional stoneware ; mugs, goblets, plates, bowls, etc., decorated with Celtic, Fantasy, Nature, and NW Native designs.


Carbony Celtic Winds

Carbony Celtic Winds is a carbon fiber wind instrument fabrication company located in Corvallis, Oregon, USA. We offer musicians innovative Celtic wind instruments that blend the advantages of modern carbon fiber technology with the time tested designs of traditional craftsmen.

CCW is committed to the development of quality Celtic carbon fiber instruments including chanters, pipes, whistles, flutes and didgeridoos using Carbony™ composite material. Carbony™ is an innovative wood-alternative material that resonates stronger than the densest blackwood: it will not crack, break or rot; it is geometrically stable over variable temperature and humidity; it stays as built – no warping or drying out over time; and it makes for a more responsive instrument.

With our growing line of products, we are providing high-quality wind instruments for use by professional musicians around the globe.


Luxurious Lass

In 2005, I was living in Bicester, England. I had always had a deep love for all things Celtic, and was always disappointed that wherever I went I only ever found the same rings and earrings already offered everywhere else. I wanted something fresh and new for myself, so I started making my own Jewelry. In 2006, I had so many compliments that I had begun selling pieces to friends, relatives and online. When I came to the United States in 2012 I began travelling to fairs and festivals and was an immediate success. Now I am based out of Aberdeen, WA and I still offer all affordable Celtic and Nautical Jewelry, handmade by myself. I enjoy taking on custom pieces and guarantee my work. Come on out and say hello, I look forward to meeting you.


Deliberate Innocence Books

Selling quality used books – all Celtic-related – since before the ’45!